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Finger Buffet Menu Items

C:R Catering

Web:  Tel 07876 827877


Buffet menus 2018

All of our menus are examples of what we can offer, we like to tailor menus to suit your individual needs. Please contact us if you would like to swap items or add different ones.


All buffets are delivered to you, temperature controlled and include, banquet roll for the table, disposable napkins, plates and cutlery.


We also offer staffed parties, china crockery, silverware etc, please ask us about these if interested.

All menus based on minimum of 10 people




Just Sandwiches/open rolls/wraps

Selection of White and brown filled with

Ham salad

Egg mayonnaise and cress

Cheese and red onion

Tuna mayonnaise and cucumber


£2.50 per person



Selection of white and brown filled with

Roast beef, horseradish and rocket

Smoked salmon and cream cheese

Houmous and sun dried tomato

Mature vintage cheddar and pickle


£3.50 per person

Finger buffet savory options : One of the above plus:


Sausage rolls

Cocktail sausages

Chicken nuggets

Vegetable spring rolls

Scotch egg portions

Quiche Selection

Cheese and onion rolls

Vegetable Samosa

Pizza Selection


Pork pie Selection

Home made sausage rolls

Home made Quiche selection

Chicken goujons

Pigs in blankets

Smoked salmon and cream cheese mini Blini

Chicken Satay



Choose 3 standard for £2.00 per person plus sandwich choice

Choose 3 premium for £3.00 per person plus sandwich choice




Add some salads : Sandwich option +savories+ 3 of the below


Green Leaf Salad

Home made coleslaw

Home made potato salad

Home made sweet and sour noodle salad

Tomato,red onion, basil and black olive salad


£2.00 per person


Crisps, Nibbles, Fruit and Cakes



Crisps and nibbles

£1.00 per person


Selection of whole fruit

£1.00 per person


Cake selection

£1.00 per person

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